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  • deferred/immediate el in Spring + webflow + Richfaces

    Hi everybody,

    I'm integrating Spring Framework with the following modules:

    Spring WebFlow
    SpringFaces with myFaces implementation
    JPA (Hibernate)

    I'm using the versions:


    Everything seems ok but I have one problem: the el expression syntax parser does not seem do make the difference between deferred and immediate expressions.

    For example:

    I have a datatable in witch I build a link action on each line. It looks like this:

    <rich:extendedDataTable rowKeyVar="dmdRK" sortMode="single"
    value="#{demandelist.dataModel}" rows="10" var="dmd" id="exttable" selection="#{demandelist.selected}" height="355px">
    <s:ifAnyGranted roles="...,...">
    	<rich:column id="actionColumn" width="30"  label="Action">
    <rich:menuItem submitMode="ajax"onclick="javascript:Richfaces.showModalPanel('batchPanel');" ajaxSingle="true" icon="../images/crayon.png" reRender="batchPanel2">
       <f:setPropertyActionListener value="${dmd}" target="#{demandeBean.unitaryDemandeProcessing}" />
    The problem is that the expression seems to be evaluated when I do click on the link. So the el ${dmd} is always pointing on the last table record whereas I'm using a "$" and not a "#" which should result in an immediate evaluation.
    In the debug mode, I can see the elFactory used are the myFaces ones. I don't even know how to configure other implementations in the Spring workflow context.

    Any idears ?

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    WebFlow + JSF from sun

    With the Sun JSF implementation the ELFactory seem to be the Spel one.
    But the problem remains the same.