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  • STS Spring MVC Project Template

    I am new to STS and have started a project using the MVC Project Template. I noticed that the STS downloads the template automatically. What is the best way to go about using templates on an island network i.e. with no internet connection?

    Can I get a set of them and install them manually?


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    STS will only download the templates once per workspace. So if you downloaded them already you don't require an internet connection.

    Cheers, Christian


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      Apologies, I haven't explained myself very well.. I am initially working on a windows pc with access to the internet for feasability but my developement network is on an island network and my development PC is fedora 11. I was wondering how I can get the templates manually so I can continue to use them when I move to my development network and the different environment.



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        I also faced the same issue. After some trial and error, i finally figured out how to get it working. Following were the steps followed:

        1. Open STS
        1.1 Go to File -> New -> Spring Template Project
        1.2 Click Refresh
        1.3 Now close STS
        2. Navigate to STS home folder i.e. the installation folder
        2.1 Search for descriptors.xml. In my case it was in STS_HOME\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\33 \1\.cp
        2.2 Open the file are search for the tag describing the template we are looking for. In my case it was org.springframework.templates.mvc. If there are mutiple versions, pick the one with latest version
        2.3 Change the local attribute value from false to true
        2.4 The tag contains the URL from where we can download the template file. In my case it was
        3. Download the template file
        3.1 Extract the contents of the template file to a folder with the name of the template with version under STS_WORKSPACE\.metadata\.sts\content e.g. STS_WORKSPACE\.metadata\.sts\content\org.springfra mework.templates.mvc-3.1.2
        4. Open STS and now we should be able to use the template as expected

        Hope this helps.

        Nibin Jacob Panicker


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          Great !! It works.

          Presumably when you restart STS , choose not to download.



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            Thanks, it worked