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  • Portlet Page Navigation with Parameters - Sping MVC, WebSphere Portal, & JSR 286

    Here is the scenerio: We have an application running on Webphere Portal Server 6.1 and Spring MVC. There is a page with a single portlet that shows a grid full of records. Once one of those records is clicked, it must navigate to another portlet that resides on a different page - possibly even a different portlet application on the same portal server - and display that specific record.

    Here's the question: I've read that, through the use of Portal 2.0's "Public Render Parameters", you can share data between portlets - and that should solve most of my problems. The trouble is, I cannot find how that works when using Spring MVC. I can't find a reference to "Public Render Parameters" in the spring MVC technical documentation, yet some people have said they have it working. Can someone show me specifically where the detailed documentation on this is, or give me small code snippit of an example that shows how I can access these public render parameters in my controller classes? Also, if there is a better way to achieve this in my environment, what is it and where can I find an example? Please don't answer with, "If you need to do this, you shouldn't be using a portal" or "If you use XYZ technology instead, then you can do this and that". I cannot change the environment - it is what it is. I just need to make it work! Thanks!
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    Did you ever get this working? I have a put the following type of additions into the portlet.xml:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <portlet-app . . .>
    <portlet-name>Account Selection Portlet </portlet-name>
    . . .

    But I never seem to read the actual public render parameter in my controller. I'm expecting that I would something like:

    public String defaultRequestMapping(PortletRequest portletRequest)
    String acctNumber = portletRequest.getParmater("accountNumber");

    . . .

    But this never seems to work. So, if you were able to get this to work, how are you reading the public render parameter?

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      I'm in the same scenario as you. Did you solve it?

      I have to navigate from a portlet on page A to the same portlet (different portlet instance), or another portlet on page B.

      Thanks a lot