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  • Getting started with Spring 3 Web MVC - Setting everything up


    I'm trying to get started with JAVA/Eclipse/Spring MVC but can't seem to find a "dummies" or "step-by-step" guide for setting everything up and creating the simplest proof-of-concept application. I found but there seem to be differences between Spring 2.5 and Spring 3 so i'm looking for something for Spring 3.

    Also, the tutorial for Spring 2.5 focuses on building the application usign Ant - This i will certainly be doing for releasing but when working within Eclipse i want to have set up the project so that i can use breakpoints/debugging and this is not covered at all.

    I've downloaded Eclipse, Tomcat and the Spring 3 Framework but that's about it and within the downloaded Spring Framework documentation it states:

    2.3 New getting started tutorial
    There is now a new getting started tutorial for developing a basic Spring 3.0 MVC web application. This tutorial is a separate document that can be found at the Spring Documentation page
    However, i can't seem to find such a tutorial on the linked page. My main problem at the moment, as seems to be the case for many people trying to get started with Spring, is that i can't seem to get everything set up.

    I've got a copy of Expert Spring MVC and Web Flow and i've also found this tutorial but i don't know if the setups they describe are still relevant and whether they will allow debugging.

    Can anyone please give some direction?

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    impossible to find tutorials and examples

    I've been looking for examples/tutorials for setting up a Spring 3 MVC application for a week... finally found some by looking at (formerly known as

    Spring - your website sucks, I hear that it's getting worse by the second since VM Ware, but I haven't been using spring long enough to know.

    Samples (which evidently don't come distributed in any of the distribution downloads any more)
    Of course you have to have a subversion client... for those of us that aren't using subversion this means installing a client and figuring out how to use it. I'm attempting to install an eclipse plugin (subversive?). If you ever get to the point that you are browsing the SVN repository listed above, it's worth noting that you want to select mvc-basic/trunk as the thing you're checking out (don't ask me, this is the first time I've used subversion). Of course now that you have finally got the source, you'll realize that the application has a pom file, so you'll probably want to install the maven plugin (m2eclipse). Maybe some of this is done if you just start off with the STS distribution of eclipse... it's available on - all I've got to say at this point is good luck.

    Simple Spring MVC application tutorial

    At the bottom of the tutorial mentioned above there are some great links.

    Overview of the Spring 3.0 Web Stack (video)

    Spring 3.0 and Hibernate tutorial (part 1)
    If anyone else has found some good resources, please post links to them!
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      Originally posted by godoloju View Post
      Spring - your website sucks.

      Pretty hard to find a getting started guide for spring 3+

      A HelloWorld guide


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        Couldn't agree more with you guys.

        Thanks for the links, godoloju!


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          Thanks for the links Godoloju


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            i found another resource which was helpful for me