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  • Issues moving a Spring project from Tomcat to Websphere 6.1

    Hey everybody,

    This is my first time posting so let me know if any extra information is needed.

    We have a project that was initially created using Roo. After it was initialised we didn't use it anymore and used the structure as a guide for the rest of the website.

    The project was developed for a tc server, and it was working without any problems. We were then told by IT Support that it needs to be created for Websphere 6.1, so instead of packaging to a WAR file we needed to create an EAR file. We got this done by setting up the appropriate folder structure and POM files and then tried to deploy it to the WAS (Websphere) server. We've been having quite a few problems that we're slowly trying to work through, but it's coming out with much more difficulty than seems necessary.

    Are there any tips that you could give us?

    I'm attaching the latest SystemOut.log file (zipped, as the text is approx. 400kb), so that you can see the latest error messages. We're getting errors relating to Servelet Exceptions and tiles.

    Your help will be most appreciated.


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    One question WHY?

    You can deploy a war to webshpere instead of an ear, so why the hassle of wrapping a single war into an ear file?!


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      As Marten said, deploy the WAR file directly - you can do this via the WAS Administration Console.

      The other thing I have found problematic in the past is that WAS (6.0 not sure on 6.1) defaults the classloader to Parent First. This has caused me issues when we used different versions of libraries than those included with WAS. I find using Parent Last works better (i.e. loading jars from my web application in preference to those included with WAS). This is one of the options in the wizard to deploy a WAR file.



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        Next to that you want to do a better inspection of your exceptions.

        java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax/servlet/jsp/PageContext.getELContext()Ljavax/el/ELContext;
        Pointing to a different JSP/EL version on the initial tc server and now the websphere version. Make sure you are using the right web-app version in your web.xml and that you don't use functions etc. in your pages that aren't supported on websphere (yet!).