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  • Best CMS choice for Spring web application

    Not sure about the right forum to create such topic but this one looks the most appropriate.

    I have a web-site based on Spring which I would like to re-build with the help of some content management system (CMS). The main reason for this is an ability to modify my site's content through web-interface. The second must-have requirement is a support for several languages.
    It would be great also to use some templating engine like Freemarker and get some ready-to-use sub-application like forum, survey engine, newsletter, etc.

    What would be the best choice to make such "shift" with minimal efforts?

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    Have you thought about migrating your application into a portal container such as JetSpeed or Liferay? Of course, there are many options available in terms of containers, but most of them include most if not all of those requirements you specified.

    Hope that helps,


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      Thanks for your suggestion, jpreston. I will take a look at them more deeply.

      But at a glance - they are two complicated for me. I do not need all those features provided by these containers. I need something simple which just allows me to edit my site's content through web interface.

      From other point of view, I can not use some open source content management systems (like Drupal) since there are many parts of my site are already processed by my current web-application.
      The best case for me - is to to add some CMS features into existing web-application. It would be cool if I could just add some .jar files into dependencies and (possibly) make some small changes/additions in my bean configuration file.


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        We've integrated OpenCMS successfully. You can store MVC views in the OpenCMS VFS and also have Spring forward to the OpenCMS servlet for non-handled requests.


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          Thanks a lot!
          We will try it.


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            Which CMS system can be integrated with Spring MVC web application smoothly. I tried to use dotCMS and using OSGI plugin to hookup spring framework, it works fine with "hello world" kind of sample application. It doesn't work with with an Spring web application which uses JPA/Hibernate as ORM framework. I explored openCMS but not able to figure out how to integrate Spring Web app(MVC) with JPA/Hibernate as ORM framework as a backend. I would appreciate your help.


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              I did't find any example for spring openCMS