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  • Has anybody already done the Certified Spring Professional exam?


    I am planning to take this exam, but I find it very hard to prepare based on the material published by Spring, because it is not clear in what detail the huge amount of topics will be tested in the exam.

    This is what I have gathered from other threads in this forum:

    - its a multiple choice test
    - the test is based on the Spring Core training material
    - it contains 5 questions per topic (50 questions in total)
    - the passmark is 76%

    Can anybody confirm this?

    Also, could you answer some of the following questions:

    - How detailed are the questions about the bean configuration files (e.g. applicationContext.xml), i.e. is the exam testing exact bean configuration tag syntax or are the questions more general?
    - In what details are annotations tested, i.e. is it sufficient to know what the Spring annotation do in general or is it necessary to learn the full annotation syntax by heart e.g. the various ways of defining a pointcut expression.
    - Is the exam covering the general topics that are part of the Spring Core training but not specific to Spring, e.g.: Hibernate in General, the benefits of O/R mapping, AspectJ, why use DB Transactions, what are MBean, ORM fundamentals etc

    Any answer will be most appreciated. Also, any general statement about the nature of the exam is welcome.

    Thanks a lot!


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    I have attended the Core Spring course, which really gave me a lot. If you haven't taken it yet, you should seriously consider it.

    The exam should pretty much reflect that course. There are some sample questions here. However, some parts of those sample questions reflect the actual exam pretty bad, according to what I've heard.

    There is a cooldown period in case you fail the exam. Not sure how long it is.

    I suggest you skim the reference manual and look over the course material (in case you took the course). That's what I will do.

    Good luck!