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  • Using XSLT Components in Spring MVC

    I while ago I wrote a Java application that processes XML with XSLT using Xalan. Now I'm trying to move towards Spring.

    I've been having trouble accessing components. As far as I can tell my XML, XSLT and Java objects are correct, but Spring cannot seem to find and reference the components I want to access. I also tried adding a JavaScript component (with bsf.jar and js.jar) in a separate file and that also fails to compile the template.

    <axslt:component prefix="oni" functions="say">
    <axslt:script lang="javaclass" src="xslt.components.TestComponent" />

    <axslt:component prefix="js" functions="say">
    <xalan:script lang="javascript">
    function say() { return "Hello from JavaScript"; }

    I consistently get this error:

    javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationExcept ion: Could not compile stylesheet formerFactoryImpl.newTemplates(Unknown Source)
    org.springframework.web.servlet.view.xslt.XsltView .loadTemplates(

    I've looked online and haven't found a lot to go on. Spring+XSLT doesn't seem to be a very prominent topic. Any suggestions on something in Spring I need to configure, or something I would need to extend?

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    Look deeper at the exception. There might be a nested, inner, exception with a more detailed message or type.

    Try to perform the transformation outside Spring first. Once that works, you may want to overwrite XsltView's renderMergedOutputModel(..) or createTransformer(..) methods.

    See for a sample transformation.

    One catch might be which javax.xml.transform.TransformerImpl to use:
    Spring - in TemplatesImpl.newTransformer() - instantiates a formerImpl (which is the default for Sun Java).
    You might need a org.apache.xalan.transformer.TransformerImpl instead.