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    Hey Fellow Springers,

    I mostly do work around back-end and integration (Spring Batch / WS / JMS / WhatNot), but currently I am on the project that has some interesting front-end challenges for me. I have done Spring MVC / Webflow in the past (a couple of years ago), but on my current project, the client has its own closed source framework that serves as a wrapper for Spring XXX / Apache XXX / Other XXX open source frameworks - don't ask

    My question is not about that framework, of course, but rather about "how would you do what I need to do - with Spring", so I can remodel (unfortunately re-implement) this solution with what I have available.

    Here is an MVC problem for ya:


    1. There are X tabs that can be navigated in any order (user desired order)
    2. There are Y action buttons that are used in the same way for all the tabs


    1. Any time user switches from tab A to tab B, tab A should be saved.
    2. Any time user clicks any of the action buttons, current tab should be saved, and the appropriate action (depending on the button) should be taken.
    So, as you see, saving a particular TAB should be reused.

    ( Now, that closed minded (sourced) framework that I was talking about, does not allow a command object to access second level attributes:
    It can only access first level attributes:
    So I can't group domain objects in a command object to do command.getDomainObject(). You can ignore it in your solution, of course, but it is something to keep in mind. )

    I understand this problem was solved several hundred times before, but I could not google a suitable Spring solution for it.

    Hence I would appreciate any ideas on how you (would) solve it with Spring.

    Thank you,
    -- litius