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    I can't find a forum entitled anything around 'beginner' or 'started' so I'd like to ask here (or point me to where I should ask this).

    I'm pretty new to Spring, while I have used it in a project that was already started, I'd like to start my own project.

    Ideally, I'd like to use Maven because it makes building and deploying so much easier and Struts 2. I've been looking for a maven archetype that just starts a simple webapp project including Spring 2.5 and Struts 2. Anything extra like Hibernate or Ibatis would be welcome but not essential to get started.

    All the archetypes I've found so far seem to have spring 1 - I've no idea how to upgrade to Spring 2.x and have found nothing on the web about how to do this with maven -what stuff needs to change in the pom, applicationContext files etc... I'm completely clueless.

    Any ideas? Where can i find info on getting a maven project from spring 1 to 2.x... or where is there an archetype that builds a webapp with spring 2.x and struts2.. one that can be built and deployed without first changing/setting a million settings before it will work - as of the moment, i don't understand all the settings :o(



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    I am not aware of any specific spring archetypes that exist for your exact requirements. Historically, I've always created my own archetype for this.

    See for details on creating an archetype.

    In terms of what you'll need to do to go from Spring 1 to 2; you should just have to update your dependencies in your pom.xml file to use the newer versions. Please note that some of the groupId/artifactIds may not be exact between versions. I believe Spring is ok, but since I avoid Struts like a dirty plague I can't speak of it.

    Hope that helps,