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  • Dispatch request to OpenCMS

    I want to have JSP template save in CMS like OpenCMS. Since openCMS is just another servlet, I think I can dispatch my request to openCMS after it is processed by my controller and added model data. How can I do this in springframework?

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    Is org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.ServletForward ingController what you are looking for?


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      I would have a look at how they integrate Struts and OpenCMS. Should be fairly similar.



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        Integration with OpenCms

        Integration of Spring and OpenCms works. A short summary of how to do it assuming you know how to install and get each product to work separately.

        1. Install OpenCms into your web-container
        2. Create a file structure for a new webapp X outside the web-container
        3. Copy the OpenCms web.xml from the web-container into X/WEB-INF
        4. Map the Spring stuff in the X/WEB-INF/web.xml but don't touch the OpenCms conf.
        5. Construct your Spring MVC webapp in X as you would normally but put your view jsp:s in opencms
        6. Use your favorite ViewResolver class but remember to map to the view jsp:s in OpenCms, e.g. /opencms/foo/test.jsp
        7. To deploy just copy all the content under X (recursively including subfolders) to the unpacked opencms folder in the web-container. The idea is to just replace web.xml and add Spring config, libs and application classes

        I managed to test this using the "Developing a Spring Framework MVC application step-by-step"-guide (except the last persistance part, which I haven't tried) found on the Spring site. The software versions were Java 1.5, Tomcat 5.5.9, OpenCms 6.0.0 and Spring 1.2.1.

        Good luck!


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          Hi I need to call OpenCMS page from my spring web application. Can you guys help me out from this. I am using Spring web flow, configured the OpenCMS 8.0 version in my system.

          Need the configuration setup for calling OpenCMS (RestAPi)page from the Spring web application

          Any inputs will be helpful...
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