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    I have identical link in differents pages that call the same CRUD page.

    How can i go back to the original view when i submit my CRUD page?

    Thanks for any idea,


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    The easiest way would be to create a link or button with javascript:history(-1).

    <shameless plug?
    Otherwise you could check out my sourceforge project which is created to make the navigation of websites easier to maintain and includes a way of redirecting to other pages as defined in an xml file. It also supports a kind of back action that you would like and suports chaining of controllers
    url is
    </shameless plug>

    copy-paste of the site:

    When you set the back option to true, then the system will redirect to the previous page that the user was one. This is comparable to the browser back button, but now the system knows about it (which isnt the case when you use the browser back button). This could be usefull for pages that all share a link to another page, where some information can be updated. Upon completion of the updated information, the user can press the back action and the system will return the user to the previous page. When returning the user to the previous page, all the rules will apply just as if the user has requested the page again. So if you have action classes defined for the page, then these will be executed again.

    The back actions can be stacked, but when stack the same page more times in a row, only one will be active. This way you can have a seperate page, accessible from multiple pages with a save action, that redirects to the same page and a back action. The common flow will be to update some information, then press save, resulting in the same page being shown again and then pressing cancel. Then the system will return the user to the originating page and not to the previous page (since the previous page would be the same page but with stale information on it).


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      Hi Fabien,

      I tend to use a URL parameter for this kind of problem ie: http://crudpage.jsp?return=thispage

      thispage could be a named view resolvable by spring.

      my two cents



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        Thanks UZE and RHARING for your two anwsers, they were very useful ;-)