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  • Trying to Manipulate objects returned from Service in a Controller

    So I have a simple controller returning a list of objects and putting them in a ModelMap

    public class EventeController{
        protected final Log logger = LogFactory.getLog(getClass());
        private EventService eventService;
        public ModelMap list(ModelMap model) {
        	model.put("eventModel", eventService.listEvent());
    "\nView all my objects .... \n");
    	return model;

    What I would like to do is manipulate the data in one or more of the fields within my Event objects.


    The database returns with a long "dateStart = 2345673000000"
    the date is stored in milliseconds.

    What I'm looking to somehow do is take the "dateStart long" from my objects and convert them to a string. Then send them on to the view.

    Is there some way in the controller to do this? If I autowire in the event Domain object and call a getter on it?

    Or is there a way to manipulate data on a ModelMap?

    Long dateStart = event.getDtStart();
    //then using the long I can change it to a date string
    I can do it the opposite way around. Take a date string and convert it to
    milliseconds and store it in the database. (I do this in the validation of the form)

    //Using Joda Date/Time
    public class EventDateValidator {
    	public void validateDate(EventHomePage eventHomePage, String dtStartDate, String timeStart, 
    							String dtEndDate, String timeEnd, Errors errors) {
    		String dtStartSt = dtStartDate + " " + timeStart;
    		String dtEndSt = dtEndDate + " " + timeEnd;
    		DateTimeFormatter formatter = DateTimeFormat.forPattern("dd/MM/yyyy h:mm aa").withOffsetParsed();
    		DateTime dts = formatter.parseDateTime(dtStartSt);
    		DateTime dte = formatter.parseDateTime(dtEndSt);
    So in conclusion I want to somehow edit data that was retrieved from the database in the controller!