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  • cssClass and IE

    I am using Spring 2.5 and form tags to bind data and show errors. My problem is that I want to control the background color of the input fields. I can control the color in Firefox, but not in IE.

    If I have a style like this :

    HTML Code:
    .bgWhite {
        background-color: White;

    with tags in my jsp like this...

    HTML Code:
    <spr:form commandName="personalData" method="post" action="personalInfo.html"> 
            First Name : &nbsp;<spr:input path="firstName"  cssClass="bgWhite" maxlength="50"/> <spr:errors path="firstName"/> <br/> 
            Middle Initial : &nbsp;<spr:input path="mi" size="1"  cssClass="bgWhite" maxlength="1"/> <spr:errors path="mi"/> <br/> 
            Last Name : &nbsp;<spr:input path="lastName"  cssClass="bgWhite" maxlength="50"/> <spr:errors path="lastName"/> <br/> 
            Address (Line 1) : &nbsp;<spr:input path="addr1"  cssClass="bgWhite" maxlength="90"/> <spr:errors path="addr1"/> <br/> 
            Address (Line 2) : &nbsp;<spr:input path="addr2"  cssClass="bgWhite" maxlength="90"/> <spr:errors path="addr2"/> <br/> 
            City : &nbsp;<spr:input path="city"  cssClass="bgWhite" maxlength="50"/> <spr:errors path="city"/> <br/> 
            State : &nbsp;<spr:select path="state" items="${selectItems}  cssClass="bgWhite""/> <spr:errors path="state"/> <br/>
            Zip : &nbsp;<spr:input path="zip"  cssClass="bgWhite" maxlength="10"/> <spr:errors path="zip"/> <br/>
            Business Phone (example: 123456789) : &nbsp;<spr:input path="bizPhone"  cssClass="bgWhite" maxlength="14"/> <spr:errors path="bizPhone"/> <br/>
            Mobile Phone (example: 123456789) : &nbsp;<spr:input path="mobile"  cssClass="bgWhite" maxlength="14"/> <spr:errors path="mobile"/> 
            <input type="submit" value="Submit" onclick="return validate();"/>
    Firefox will display the fields with white backgrounds, but IE displays ugly yellow.

    What must I do to get IE to co-operate with the style set in the spring tags?


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    I'm guessing you have the Google toolbar installed which highlights particular form fields in yellow by default.

    Select the “Settings” drop down menu and click on “Options”. Under the large range of features, locate Autofill and click the “Autofill Settings” button. At the bottom you will find the Highlight option. Uncheck the box “Highlight fields on webpages that Autofill can update in Yellow” and press OK.


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      Thanks, JGLynn. You were spot on. You have made my life better today!



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        Not a problem, I get this one from users all the time.