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  • Using Tabbed Header in Spring.

    Hi all,

    I have a situation that goes like this.

    <@include jsp='tabbedHeader">
    <jsp page1content or jsp page2content>
    <@include jsp='Footer">

    I'm creating a common tabbed header navigator, which i'm planning to use in every jsp. So when my page first loads up it would highlight the first tab in my tabbed header and so the corresponding page(which is the default page) would load up.

    Now say i click my second tab, it would open up another jsp page.

    But the problem is that how would i tell my tabbed header that the 2nd tab should be highlighted now, since in each of my JSP's all i'm doing is including the tabbedHeader jsp and by default in that the first tab is highlighted.

    Hope you get what i mean.

    Thanks in advance,

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    i'm having the same situtation

    a header with a tabbed menu + a combobox, and a body-area with form to calculate things

    i'm trying so have the formobject (the formobject from the body -> extending the object representing the tabbed menu indicator + the combobox value) in my session without success atm

    anyone have an advice?



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      found 2 interesting approaches here

      Pass Data from Controller to Controller: click

      HandlerInterceptor: click

      just having the problem to pass the data from the header (combobox + pressed tab) to the backend, without changing the url


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        write a javascript to show and hide the pagecontent....


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          Hmmm ya may be using an onload javascript could be simpler solution for me as im using the web flow controller.