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  • portlet: no matching handler found

    Hi there,

    I'm using spring-webmvc-portlet 2.5.6 to build a portlet for liferay 5.1.2.
    I build my portlet as described in the petsample. I have several views defined by different RequestMappings and they all work fine. But when my portlet is in windowState=maximized and I want to go back to the normal state, I get an error:
    16:05:01,404 ERROR [DispatcherPortlet:501] Could not complete request
    javax.portlet.UnavailableException: No matching handler method found for portlet request: mode 'view', type 'action', parameters map[[empty]]
    Here is my controller code and as you can see I have defined a default mapping.

    public class AnnouncementController {
    	private final AnnouncementService annService;
    	public AnnouncementController(AnnouncementService annService) {
    		this.annService = annService;
    	@RequestMapping  // default render (action=list)
    	public String overviewAnnouncements(Model model) {
    		model.addAttribute("announcements", this.annService.getAnnouncementsOverview());
    		return "annList";
    	@RequestMapping(params = "action=view")  // render phase
    	public String viewAnnouncement(@RequestParam("announcement") String noteId, Model model) {
    		model.addAttribute("announcement", this.annService.getAnnouncement(noteId));
    		return "annView";
    Hope you can help me

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    Sounds like you are ending up with an ActionRequest somehow (the "type 'action'" bit). You don't have any methods mapped for an Action Request. Either figure out why you are getting an ActionRequest (changing window state should not be an ActionRequest -- perhaps a Liferay problem?) or create a noop method that will take ActionRequests.


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      Thanks for your help John,

      I build a noop actionRequest and now it works.
      I'm using the standard liferay buttons to change the window state, so I think its a liferay problem.