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  • Search auto complete.

    Im doing a web app using Spring MVC, Hibernate and JSP as my view layer.

    I want an autocomplete search like Youtube's video search, or Facebook's network search.

    What technology do I need to use to do this?

    The only way I can think to do it is by putting everything in my referenceData map and then using javascript to match what the user types. This doesnt seem like a particularly efficient way to do this if there are a lot of possible search terms (which there is).

    Any ideas any one?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dojo's FilteringSelect has exactly the behavior you describe with fetching all data on the client side and letting you type free form to find a match.

    If the data set is larger you'll need to make an Ajax call. You can use a library like Dojo, jQuery, YUI, GWT, etc. to make the call and then return JSON data from the server side but it's best to use a pre-built component to handle more advanced parts like how many letters should start the search, how long to wait, etc.

    Dojo doesn't have a component specifically for that but you can connect a FilteringSelect widget to a data store, which manages the data for the select.


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      I created such a search functionality with a AJAX query, with DWR to be more specific. DWR integrates really easy with Spring 2.x projects (and with spring 1 as well). I think there is some online tutorial about such functionality implemented with DWR.


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        Thanks for the answers guys, I'm going to give the FilteringSelect and DWR a go to see which works the best.
        Thanks again.


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          Hello there,

          I'm using jquery.autocomplete plugin and it works just great!


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            Thanks for the response all, I ended up opting for DWR. Works really well. Integrated quite nicely with Spring and really wasn't difficult to do once I read the docs.

            Thanks again.


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              krzychu ,

              Could you please share how did you do. I did get result from mvc controller but its its showing entire jsp page rather than just list results.


              var url = "searchResult.htm";

              API Reference: <input id="example" /> (try "C" or "E")


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                Hi All,
                There is a tag in <form:input autocomplete=""/>.
                Can any one help me showing me the example for the same.

                thanks in advance.

                Ragards and Thanks,