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    hi EveryOne,
    i m quiet new to spring framework, i want to stop the function of browser back button so that if user move forward then it won't go again in back page...

    Waiting for ur reply..


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    Check out Expert Spring MVC

    Don't know if this is best answer. But you might want to have a look at this.
    They have section with AbstractWizardFormController you might find interesting.
    Basically you don't disable back, but use hidden form fields to hold a current and next page number.
    If user hits back button you can adjust state by using session object to keep track of this kind of telemetry (page number).
    You might try a Google Book search for book and search for AbstractWizardFormController .
    http: //
    Also you might find this interesting. Came across reference to this in Expert Spring MVC today and thought of you:
    http: //
    This is the kind of stuff Spring Web Flow implements under the covers.
    Check out org.springframework.webflow.execution.repository.c ontinuation package.
    The Expert Spring MVC book may not be best ref for SWF. Check out Erwin Vervaet's book Working with Spring Webflow. It's not for SWF 2 though as yet. So check out samples.
    Maybe this will give you what you require.
    Regards, Jeremy
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