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  • call a backingBean.action() (JSF/MVC)

    I my applikation runs with SWF2 and JSF and Facelets.

    Any of my pages are not a flow and i defined this sites as JSF-Pages (xhtml).
    For this pages i use spring as middle-tier only and jsf as web-tier.
    The BackingBean:
    public class BackingBean {
    	private MyService service;
    	private User user;
    	public BackingBean(){
    		int userId = get from the request (facesContext.externalContext) 
    	private initAttributes(int userId){
    		this.user = ..load by id from DB
    	public MyService getService() {
    		return service;
    	public void setService(MyService service) {
    		this.service = service;
    Inside the xhtml page i use the backingBean as follow:
    But i think it's not a good design to initialize the attributes of my backingBean (by load from the DB) inside the constructor.
    Furthermore i want to call a BackingBean.action().

    At the moment i have no navigationrules inside my faces-config.xml (only ViewHandler and VariableResolver).

    Is it possible to instantiate and inject the backingBean by spring-mittle-tier and trigger a jsf-livecycle without a mixe of managedbeans and springbeans?
    1. call the xhtml-page
    2. spring instantiate and inject the backingbean
    3. an event is called at the backingBean (init)
    4. render the view
    5. call a actionListener or Action at the backingBean <h:commandLink..?

    If i use JSF, should i use the navigation-rules and managed-beans with faces-config or should i have a springcontroller to manage the lifecycle? I would benefit from the jsf-components and eventhandling.

    Maybe anybody have an example?
    Last edited by spring_alex; Jun 30th, 2008, 07:43 AM.