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  • Strange redirect problem

    Hi! I'm new using Spring Framework. I have been created and deploy successfully and entire spring-web application in my working core, a Sun One Application Server v All works fine!!

    Although, the company decided to upgrade de app server to the new release, the 8.1, and the problems begin.

    The mappings of the *.htm requests into my *.jsp files seems to work fine, because I can see the page, but I can not access any of my resources, any image or any css stylesheet.

    The trace that httpwatch brings to me when I want to acces an image directely is like that:

    GET /satuab/styles/spring-demo.css     HTTP/1.1 302 0
    GET /satuab/styles/spring-demo.css/     HTTP/1.1 302 0
    GET /satuab/styles/spring-demo.css/index.htm     HTTP/1.1 404 937
    1) I want to get the resource
    2) Spring (I think) adds "/" to the URL
    3) The welcome-file is added to the URL

    I don't know exactly if the problem comes from my Application Server or from the Spring app, but a simple web app without Spring works fine and a simple spring-web app (with Spring, of course) doesn't work.

    Any idea of how can I solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    302 is explained here. For some reason the css cannot be found and the server falls back to check if it is a directory and next a welcome page.

    I guess it is a server configuration somewhere in SUN.


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      yes, it seems a server configuration, but the fact that in the same instance of the Application Server a non-spring web app works fine and the spring-based web app fails .... seems that maybe the reason comes from Spring too.

      Thanks for all!