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  • command object having List field

    Am having a command object which has a List type field. For example, Customer can have multiple addresses and so am having it as a List
    public class Customer{
    private String customerName;
    private List<Address> address;

    --getters and setters--

    My question is to how do i map the form fields with this command object. My form will have fields for entering 2 addresses. What should be given in the path attribute of the <form:input tag.

    any help is appreciated.


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    <form:input path="address[0].addressLine1"/>
    <form:input path="address[0].addressLine2"/>
    <form:input path="address[0].zipCode"/>
    <form:input path="address[1].addressLine1"/>
    <form:input path="address[1].addressLine2"/>
    <form:input path="address[1].zipCode"/>


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      still its not working,getting the following error

      Invalid property 'address[0]' of bean class
      Cannot access indexed value of property referenced in indexed property path 'address[0]': returned null

      So i tried initializing the list as
      private List<Remark> remark = new ArrayList();

      Invalid property 'remark[0]' of bean class
      Index of out of bounds in property path 'address[0]'; nested exception is java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0

      any help is appreciated.



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        If you know there's only going to be two Address items in the array you should add them after instantiation.
        private List<Address> addresses = new ArrayList();
        addresses.add(new Address());
        addresses.add(new Address());


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          page has become very slow

          Thanks it worked, but another problem. If i add more combo boxes, it makes the page very slow, it takes ever to load the page if it has 3 combo boxes whose values are fetched from db and populated in the referenceData method. Following is the jsp am using to load the combo boxes

          <tr><td>Status</td><td>:<form:select path="status"><form:option value="-1">SELECT...</form:option>
          <c:forEach var="item" items="${cStatus}"><form:option value="${item}">${item}</form:option></c:forEach></form:select> </td></tr>

          Likewise i have 4 more combo boxes

          Can someone tell me why the page is taking ever to load it, sometimes timeout error?If i remove all the combo boxes, the page is fast with all other form fields

          any help is appreciated



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            I've the same situation but

            Hi, As stated above, I have a situation where the Command object has a List field.

            On the form I have check boxes and the selected check box items should map to the List field of the command object.

            Can anybody explain How to achieve this.

            Code: -
            ----------- Command Object --------------

            public class PlayerGroup {

            private String name;
            private List<Player> teamsAssociated;


            ------------- JSP ---------------------
            <c:forEach var="player" items="${playerList}">

            <td height="20" class="labelSmall"><form:checkbox path="teamsAssociated" value="${player}" label="${}"></form:checkbox></td>
            <td align="left"><c:out value="${}"/></td>

            In the above code the form does not even being Submitted.

            Please give your suggestions.