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  • Accessing ApplicationContext from JSP Tags?


    I have a bean 'Foo' that I need to be able to access from
    outside the usual IoC machinery to be able to set property
    values. I can't pull it out of Spring altogether because other
    beans depend on it.

    Specifically I want to be able to re-set the value of a property
    in bean Foo in the code of a custom JSP tag I wrote. JSP tags
    (so far as I can determine) get created and destroyed when
    used, so cannot be pre-configured inside IoC (right?).

    What I'd like to do inside my tag implementation code is
    something like this:

    // Inside my JSP tag implementation code...
    XmlWebApplicationContext context = XmlWebApplicationContext.getInstance();
    FooClass foo = (FooClass) context.getBean("Foo");
    // Now new value of property blah is useable inside Spring
    // app context beans that depend on Foo.
    Unfortunately I haven't found where I can get to this kind of
    "getInstance()" access to my app context.

    Anyone know how to do this?

    P.S. I did see ContextSingletonBeanFactoryLocator but wasn't
    sure how to use it (or if this is the best way to get what I need).
    I wanted to be sure that the context returned was in the same
    my Spring web-app is using so that the changes I make
    to Foo in my JSP tag code will be visible in other app context
    beans (i.e. the framework didn't just create a separate instance
    of an app context using the same XML files!).


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    You can use:
    from within your Tag Class. However I do not think it is a good idea to access Spring Context from jsp Tags. You can for example inject the bean inside a controller and add it to the Model then access it from the Tag.