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  • JSTL 1.0 why?


    Moving into spring MVC over the past couple of days, I quickly found that Spring 1.1 and 1.1.1 both are packaged with the older jstl.jar and standard.jar for JSTL 1.0. This causes some complications when using the EL with my JSTL views. Others have run into the same complications
    The problem is sloved by switching out the JSTL libraries packaged with Spring for the new Jakarta Taglibs 1.1.x distribution. I'm wondering why not avoid confusion. and package Spring with JSTL 1.1?

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    JSTL 1.1 works with 2.4 servlets/ 2.0 jsp only while JSTL1.0 works with 2.3. Not everyone uses a 2.4 web container, would probably be the logic behind the choice to use JSTL1.0


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      I agree with you about older non-2.4 conmpiant containers being a good reason to stick with JSTL 1.0. But I don't agree with one statement.

      JSTL 1.1 works with 2.4 servlets/ 2.0 jsp only
      JSTL 1.1 is backward compatible with servlet spec 2.3 and Jsp 1.2. To confirm, I deployed the JSTL 1.1 libraries jstl.jar and standard.jar into the countries demo. It works.


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        Let's say it another way : JSTL1.1 may work with servlet 2.3 containers but is not fully supported. Having a sample working doesn't mean that all JSTL1.1 works.
        So, to be on the safe side, JSTL 1.0 had to be distributed with spring since servlet 2.3 containers are targeted.



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          Thanks Olivier, I now understand the reasoning.