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  • design question need a good advice

    Hello all

    In my application, I design one-by-one relationship (one table-one object) between database and class object. That mean for each table, there is one class: student table - student class... course table-course class. The database is designed so that when i delete a student, the information of this student in other tables will be deleted.

    Next, I created interfaces (StudentDao, CourseDao) and then I create implementation classes to get/insert/update data from database for each table. This is also one-by-one. That means each class will add, delete, or update data for only one table (using Jdbc. for example: "insert into student....").

    From that, I have a "Manager" class for each object such as StudentManager class to add/update/delete a student or CourseManager for add/update/delete a course (using Dao interface).

    To display/add/edit student in a form, I have a command object class called StudentCommandObject. In this class, i have getter and setter class such as getStudentName, setStudentName.....To display/add/edit a course in a form, I also create a CourseCommandObject class

    I hope that you understand what i explain so far.

    Everything is ok sofar

    Now I need to display student summary. It includes student details and his course details. I already create student summary class that store both student details and course details.

    It can be seen that I can not get this information from only one StudentManager or CourseManager. What should I do?

    Should I have both StudentDao and CourseDao inside StudentManager so that I can get those information for my StudentSummary. For example:

    class StudentManager{

    private CourseDao courseDao;
    private StudentDao studentDao;

    public StudentSummary getStudentSummary(){
    -get student details form studentDao;
    -get course details from courseDao;
    return studentSummary;

    Or should I have both StudentDao and CourseDao inside StudentCommandObject so I can obtain those information ????

    It canbe seen that I can get student summary from a join query such as "Select ..... from student, course where......." inside a . However, it will break my one table-one object-one in Dao implementation class that was already created.

    Thank you for any help
    Last edited by shoa; Jun 8th, 2006, 03:28 AM.