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  • Trouble with form input names

    Is there a list of names that shouldn't be used for html form inputs? I've been having problems with a form that will not work when I include a text input called 'speed'. When I remove the input the form works fine, but when I include it, the submit button does not work.

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    Is there a list of names that shouldn't be used for html form inputs
    I doubt it. Does the page not submit, or it submits with unexpected results? If it doesn't submit, I'd guess the form HTML is broken. Maybe post the form source.


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      The form appears to submit, but simply returns to the same page instead of to the page specified as the success view.

      The form source is below. Since my first post I've discovered that its not just the 'speed' field. It seems to be everything after 'loosingSp'. Maybe it's something simple that I just cant see, but this has been driving me nuts for a day now. Any help very gratefully received.

      <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
      <h2>1.2 Add order details</h2>
      <form method="post">
      <tr><td>Order ref<td><input name="orderRef"></tr>
      <tr><td>Type<td><input name="orderType"></tr>
      <tr><td>IP address<td><input name="ipAddress"></tr>
      <tr><td>username<td><input name="username"></tr>
      <tr><td>password<td><input name="password"></tr>
      <tr><td>mac id<td><input name="macId"></tr>
      <tr><td>losing sp<td><input name="loosingSp"></tr>
      <tr><td>speed<td><input name="speed"></tr>
      <tr><td>contention<td><input name="contention"></tr>
      <tr><td>best available<td><input name="bestAvailable"></tr>
      <tr><td>enhanced sla<td><input name="enhancedSla"></tr>
      <tr><td>activation date<td><input name="activationDate"></tr>
      <tr><td>customer<td><input name="customer"></tr>
      <tr><td>required ips<td><input name="requiredIps"></tr>
      <tr><td>cpe required<td><input name="cpeRequired"></tr> -->
      <<tr><td>notes<td><textarea cols='20' rows='5' name='notes'></textarea>
      <input name="submit" value="add order details" type="submit">


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        Sorry I wasn't clear, but I was only suggesting to post the HTML source if the page wasn't submitting.

        The page will be returned if there are binding or validation errors. You can check this in your JSP with something like:
        <spring&#58;bind path="command">
          errorCount=<c&#58;out value="$&#123;status.errors.errorCount&#125;"/>


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          Please forgive my stupidness. I'd made such an elementary omission that I'm too embarrassed to share it here :oops:

          Thanks very much for your replies.