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  • Page flow controller


    Is anybody aware of a page flow control system which can be/is integrated with Spring or some other Web MCV framework. I'm talking about something like jBPM (, but aimed at Web applications, not business process management in general. Something that would allow you to define the page flow of your web application in a single XML file, and a Spring controller implementation to run it.

    I know of one commercial framework (WSBTT, by IBM) that has this and I'm thinking of creating something like this for Spring. So far I have not been able to find something similar in the open source Java field, but any pointers would be much appreciated!


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    page flow project

    Check out spring workflow


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      Page flow

      I have an open-source Eclipse plugin that does this. The current version on the website is not for Spring, but the next version that will be out in a week or so will generate all the code for a Spring MVC application. Here is a short list of the features:
      • * New project wizard automatically creates an Eclipse project with all of the libraries needed to deploy a spring app. You can configure which libs get deployed with the app.

        * Graphical editors allow you to draw out an application flow and the plugin automatically generates the Dispatcher servlet, *-servlet.xml beans file and prototypes for controllers in the flow.

        * Automatically generates the web.xml file and all Spring-related entries.

        * Form editor generates form beans that can populate themselves from the request and validate themselves using Spring validators.

        * Validator editor that provides a GUI for generating validation code for forms. The generated validator conforms to the Spring validator API.
      There are a lot of other features too. I should have the plugin out soon and a complete list of features will be in the docs.

      You can check out the screenshots of the current version here.

      Derek Adams
      dadams (at) eProjectTools (dot) org


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        Looks pretty interesting. You may want to update this thread when that version is ready, so that anybody that's monitoring it will know it's out.



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          I've also put my money where my mouth is and programmed a simple Spring web flow controller. The code is already up & running and I'm just working on the documentation right now. Should be ready sometime next week! It will be more low tech than Derek's plugin, but still very usefull imho.

          I'll keep you posted when I release it!



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            Voila, my Spring Web Flow system is available. Check the home page for more info and an article explaining everything in a bit more detail:

            Any feedback is welcome!



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              Perhaps the information is inside your archive (I didn't download it at this point since I'm very busy) but you might want to mention on your web page how your code is licensed. That's usually one of the first things people consider as they look at something, since in some environments some licenses are verboten...


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                For the moment there is *no* license: you can use the code at your own risk, in any way you see fit.

                Is it benificial to put a license on it? If so I guess I can just take the same license as Spring (Apache License 2.0) since you'll need that anyway.



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                  If you don't mention a license at all, then people are going to (to be safe) assume they can't do anything with it. If you just want to allow people to do pretty well whatever they want with it, at their own risk, then the easiest way to achieve that is just to say it's BSD (or MIT, same thing basically) licensed. Saying so on the web page and maybe in the root of your archive is good enough. Apache 2 license is fine as well. It's just a tiny bit more restrictive, requiring attribution.


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                    Gaijin Studio 0.9.0 Preview Released

                    I released a preview of the "Gaijin Studio for Spring MVC" Eclipse plugin today. It is open-source and licensed under LGPL. If you look back a few posts, I gave a general list of features. One extra feature that was added since the previous post is Spring IDE integration. The Spring IDE plugins are bundled with the distribution and Gaijin uses the new Spring IDE Eclipse model that Torsten added for 1.1.0 (plugins show version 1.0.9 since 1.1.0 has not officially released).

                    One warning... the docs are nowhere near complete for the plugin. Between the docs that are there and the tutorial for the previous versions, you can probably figure out the general idea of how it works. I will be adding doc updates every few days until the final 0.9.0 release.

                    The site is here and the download and docs are linked from the homepage.

                    Derek Adams
                    [email protected]