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  • JPA/Hibernate + MVC + SWF + JSF (+ PRIMEFACES) template


    My name is Tomasz and I'm new to the Spring community. I'm also a beginner in JavaEE programming. At work, we develop a web application which is using Spring 3, Spring Roo, Spring MVC, Spring WebFlow, JSF 2.x, JPA, Hibernate, Primefaces and some more. We will be developing this application for at least one more year, so here comes my request to more advanced memebers of this forum. I want to develop my own web application on the same configuration like in my job. The reason is simple: I already know something, I'm working with it everyday so I gain experience very fast and I really like this mix. It suits me. The problem is, that when I joined my team, that application was in progress, so I couldn't see, how they created it from scratch. I couldn't find the early version of that app on svn (it was deleted as I heard from my workmate) and the guy who set this up is not working anymore in the company. I just can't get any help there.

    So my request is: Can anyone show me a good tutorial, step by step, how to create such application? Or is there somewhere a sample application like I described? I've been googling a lot and I couldn't find a solution. There are tutorials, how to integrate SWF with JSF. There is Spring Roo which can generate JPA + Spring MVC + SFW project.
    But I don't want to use JSP or GWT. I would really like to use JSF + Primefaces. I just can't get it working. I've tried a lot of things, but I don't fully understand it yet, so I am not really sure of what I am doing. I will know it some day, but for now, I just want to develop my ideas. Please help me. One more time I will write what I need:

    JPA with Hibernate + Spring + Spring MVC + Spring WebFlow + JSF 2.x + Primefaces. Optionally Spring Security (I will have implement it later anyway). A tutorial or a sample application.

    Thank's a lot in advance!!!