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  • Where is source code to automate UI for Roo generated REST/JSON tester?

    This video shows how to create a web user interface that allows one to test the GET, PUT, POST and other REST commands.

    Apparently this is alternative to use curl to test the REST interface.

    However, the author of the video pastes some HTML source code into the Spring/MVC/REST server/service generated by ROO and I cannot get a good look at at.

    As a result of pasting this code, he can easily send/receive the JSON code and demonstrate the REST/JSON feature with PUT,GET and POST commands.

    I want to do this too but I cannot figure out where I download the source code for this. I think he just enabling some HTML code that ROO has already generated but I'm not sure. It looks like he just pastes some links to javascript source into a jspx file. Is this procedure with its source code written down anywhere? I'm really squinting to read that source code on the YouTube video.


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    Hello Siegfried,

    There may be a bug in Roo which is generating an incorrect RESTful API.



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      Oops, see my next post below. This was redundant...
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        OK I found the source code for the javascript REST client on the YouTube page mentioned above but I cannot get it to work. ROO/Eclipse gives me errors when paste the html source code in index.jspx and I can only guess that the author of that YouTube video was using an older version of Roo/Eclipse.

        Now I looked at .

        So AngularJS will not work.. What does work? curll? Custom java client? Something else? I want to try out the put/get/post/delete commands.

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