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  • With ref to use of and in Spring based REST API


    First of all, I apologise if my question sounds silly/dumb to you

    I am working to create an API using Spring's REST Support.

    One of the API functions utilises a date value--now, in the service function (which actually inserts data into JDBC data source) i have used

    I have created a rowmapper for the class that uses a single date value as one of its members-- I have defined this member as a value and hence the getter for the date value returns a value.

    Now, in the API function where I want to insert a new row into table, I am specifying the class member as the Request Body- from which I extract the date value using the getter.

    What I am confused about is, since I am defining the date value as a and not, will this cause problems when I actually use this API function from a consumer, which I want to create as a javascript based web app? I mean, should the date value necessarily be declared as Or is using a permissible approach? If this approach is permissible, then what should be the format of the date value as specified by a call from the javascript function?


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    In general don't use javax.sql.Date in your APIs... It is more trouble then it is worth next to that you don't want to leak SQL abstractions into your API layer. Use java.util.Date or use something like jodatime to represent your date and time in your API but avoid the use of javax.sql. classes.


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      Hello Marten,

      OK.... what I am doing now is, using only in the actual service function--> the controller function (which will be invoked as part of the API by API consumers) asks for date in format, and then that date is converted to (within the controller function)--> after this the service function is called with value being passed as parameter to the service function.

      Is the above approach correct? Or can you suggest some other/better means?