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  • how to implement this functionality: calling another app from spring web app


    My current app(spring mvc based) works like this:

    I have landing page with links to perform actions.I click a link to fill a form and submit it.Once it submits ,i comes back to landing page.
    Application is: Spring MVC based with JSP views and running on server A with myDatabase.

    Requirement:I need to make some additions. I want to create one more application(could be webapp server B or plain java app on client site).

    When user has submitted the form successfully and going back to landing page, simultenously i want a trigger to enable
    this application.

    This application has some functionality which should be done or executed only after form-submitted.

    What framework or technology i can use in spring to implement this?
    I thought of many things but require some better ideas.

    1. I thought of start 2nd application from a javascript popup , and hard coding URL to 2nd app in 1st app.running when user is going to landing page ,opens independent popup window but "shares the session"
    Also it doesnot look good idea to me?

    2.Using message/MQ and reading queue on scheduled basis?This looks like a correct way to me
    When form is submitted, writing to MQ but some sort of trigger also enabled the app to read it.

    3.I thought of writing flag to DB, but we dont want 2nd app to access our DB.

    Any suggestions??/