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  • Spring 3.1.0, Websphere 8.5, @RequestMapping


    we have developed a web application using Spring 3.1.0. it runs great on Tomcat 7.0.

    we have tried to port the application to Websphere 8.5 and have the following problems.

    The @RequestMapping does not appear to be working.

    i have the url as http://localhost/XXX/user.html?editUser

    in the controller, i have a @RequestMapping set up on the Class

    public class UserController

    also in the controller, i have multiple methods set up with @RequestMappings

    @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.GET)
    public UserForm showForm(@ModelAttribute UserForm userForm,
    HttpServletRequest request )

    @RequestMapping(params="editUser", method = RequestMethod.GET)
    public String showeditForm(Model model, HttpServletRequest request )

    in Tomcat, the url http://localhost/XXX/user.html?editUser works as designed, the showeditForm() method is executed.

    when the war is deployed in Websphere 8.5 the url http://localhost/XXX/user.html?editUser does not work. it executes the showForm() method, not the showeditForm() method.

    in Websphere, when i add a = sign to the end of the url, http://localhost/XXX/user.html?editUser= the showeditForm() method is executed.

    does anyone know why Tomcat does not require the = sign but websphere does?

    i have seen examples of using only the query parameter without a value and supposedly it is acceptable.

    Bill Cottrell