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  • How safe is to use JSP as the view technology for Spring MVC ?

    I am evaluating different presentation technologies and frameworks in Java, and SpringMVC is an ideal choice for me considering the high scalability and ease-of-development requirements. But I am skeptical of using it along with JSP as the view technology.

    The Java EE 6 specification says that JSP is deprecated and facelets replaces JSP. That means there won't be any development on JSP and it will be vanished in next few releases, right.

    Then how safe is to use JSP for the new applications ?

    Spring MVC uses JSP as the default presentation technology, and not supporting Facelets, instead it supports Tiles and other templating technologies. JSF integration is not a solution, if we use JSF, we do not need SpringMVC at all, and we are losing all the benefits of using SpringMVC(avoid server-side heavy lifting, mainly).

    What is SpringFramework's position on this ? Do you see a future for JSP and hence SpringMVC ?

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    First, "JSP is deprecated and facelets replaces JSP" only as a language for defining JSF views. However JavaEE doesn't say anything about MVC approaches (don't get yourself too far into discussions that JAX-RS IS MVC element). JavaEE people do different things and saying that "JSF is standard, do not use anything else" is not very smart.

    So if you prefer MVC (as an opposite to Component-based approach, like JSF or ASP.NET - mind that Microsoft is now promoting ASP.NET MVC), choose SpringMVC and the view technology you like. May it be JSP, Velocity, Freemarker, or (which I strongly recommend!) Thymeleaf. See yourself:

    Grzegorz Grzybek