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  • Possible bug in RestTemplate - double checking before opening a JIRA

    I'm trying to consume a somewhat non-standard type of URI of a RESTful web service (built with Spring MVC) via the RestTemplate - an example of this is:
    So, the parameter should be:
    name = `q`
    value = `name=jDiedXRD`
    The value is definitly non-standard, but as far as I can tell from the HTTP spec, it's not prohibited. Also, the same exact HTTP requests work fine with other HTTP Clients (rest-assured wich is using Apache HTTP Client underneath, same as RestTemplate is).
    Now, what RestTemplate does is this:
    HttpUrlTemplate it uses tries to parse the URI into UriComponents:
    `UriComponentsBuilder.fromUriString(uriTemplate).b uild();`
    This essentially fails to properly break out the parameter the regex - instead of seeing one single parameter, it seems to:
    Which is incorrect for one, but also there is no `&` character to delimit two parameters, so it could fail at the very least.
    The `=` character is something that should be allowed, but should be escaped - my understanding is that the escaping should happen inside the RestTemplate, but escaping the `=` before passing in the URI to the RestTemplate didn't work either (the template escapes the entire URI again - which results in an invalid URI).
    Is there something I'm missing on this, or should I open an issue to fix the regex in the UriComponentsBuilder so that it correctly identifies and parses out the parameters of this kind of URIs?
    Thank you.
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    In case anyone else runs into this, this is the JIRA (already answered):