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  • Webflow + Ajax

    Hi all,

    As of right now, I am having ajax make a call into webflow to display the appropriate fragment.

    So I am attempting to use Spring.AjaxEventDecoration for my ajax needs for my application. However, I am having some trouble with this method and webflow and from what I can tell, there are very few examples available to work with.

    On a side note, I am not using a form or a select box. I thought I would mention this since every example I've found has used a form/form submit with onlick event or select box with onchange event.

    Main question: if I have a method in my webflow that has parameters coming from my ajax, can I actually pass in the parameters from ajax to webflow?

    <transition on="disassociateProperty" >
             <evaluate expression="dService.disassociateProperty(requestParameters.currentPId ,currentD)"     result="flowScope.currentD" />
    	<render fragments="PList" />
    So, when I look at the ajax call in firebug, it has the parameter I'm passing in (currentPId) and the correct eventId.

    I put a debug point on the first line of the disassociateProperty method and it tells me currentPId is null.

    So I would assume requestParameters.currentPId in webflow isn't pulling the currentPId from the ajax call.

    Is this expected? Could anyone explain and give an example?

    I would appreciate any help provided.


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    Does anyone has any thoughts?