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  • Any markup (with gui) for user generated content that work well with Spring?

    Small notes:
    I'm new to Spring (or Java for that matter).
    I'm only thinking about my "hobby" project.
    I'm doing it mostly to learn both java and some java web framework.

    I want to write small and simple website that will host user generated guides and tips for certain game. Users will use some kind of markup (markdown or BBCodes, but I did not made my mind yet), to write those guides. (Users will be able to create everything but general "containers" that make up one "guide"/"article"). Users will be able to use premade names/tags that will be expanded to some predefined "parts".

    Are there any ready to use solutions that integrate well with Spring?
    Some that can be extended (to include my own "tags") easily?
    Is Spring well suited for such kind of project?
    (site hosting user generated content, user-managment functions for admins, content creation for "writers", discoverity commenting&voting for "others")

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    The strategy we use involves breaking down an article (similar to your guide) into sections, with each section having an optional title and content. Users can keep on adding as many sections to an article as they want. We then allow users to add and edit section content using the TinyMCE editor. It allows users to fully format and layout content to their liking and submits the appropriate HTML for the content to the server, which we store.


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      That solve two of my problems (gui editor, general design).

      Third is:
      Which markup language have good Java implementation (and could be extended easily with custom tags -chich will be probably stored in DB and will change over time) ?


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        Normally, when using TineMCE, I avoid creating and using custom tags, because ultimately they have to be translated into XHTML any way; something that TinyMCE is already doing. That said, I have used JSPWiki, Multi-Markdown and Textile before to parse documents and strings containing meta-tags. Another option that I have recently come across but not tried myself is WikiCreole. It is not a tag creation library but a specification for a common Wiki syntax. A number of implementations are available, which are listed at


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          Hmm, custom tags (made & maintained by moderators, used by writers), are must have.

          They will be an easy way to put repetitive pieces of information into text. But also this separation will make updating this information trouble free. And it will allow for generating simple and specific reports indicating what have changed in new patch for specific guide, so author can update it without learning every little change in this patch.

          I forgot to mention in my first post that this game is Massive Online Battle Arena like, so it is constantly changed and updated, hence separation of "sources" of information. Writers share their experience, site mods provide up-to-date game info.
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