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  • Javascript Web-flow !

    Hi All,

    Here is what we have. We are designing a questionnaire with several questions within a web application. Each question of the questionnaire has multiple choices. Depending on the choice that the user chooses for each question we will decide on which question to pose next. (e.g. If a user answers 'No' for the question 'Do you own a car?' the questionnaire logic will not further ask questions like 'What auto-insurance do you have?'). This flow of questions will continue till all the questions in the selected "path" are answered. The total number of questions (superset) for any combination is of the order of 20 or 30 (not too many).

    This is very much do-able using Spring web-flow but is equally do-able using Javascript (using frameworks like gwt) where we send all the questions and respective choices to the client at one go. The logic of traversing the questionnaire "path" will also be sent across to the client. All the answers are tracked on the client side as the user answers questions. Once the user is done answering the questions all the answers will be submitted to the server in one go. (There is no requirement as of now for the server to know the intermediate state of the questionnaire process.) Essentially we are comtemplating on implementing a Javascript web-flow.

    Is there any strong argument for using Spring web-flow alone for this particular case and not use Javascript web-flow? The inclination for using Javascript web-flow over Spring web-flow is performance. We feel that Javascript web-flow will offer better response times and user experience. Any thoughts?