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  • How to mix Old style JSP app and Spring MVC

    Hi All,

    Am a Spring MVC noob -- planning on using latest spring MVC version.

    We have an existing JSP based webapp(deployed to Tomcat) that has a lot of java scriptlets. I've been asked to extend it -- I'd like to use Spring MVC(PLUS dojo for UX) for the new pages/screens. These new pages will still use JSPs for Views however backed by a Spring Controller/model.

    1) Is it possible to have 1 part of the same webapp using plain JSPs without any Spring involved AND the remaining part of the application to be a Spring MVC app ? If yes, what does it take to do that ? Is it possible to do the same using 1 .WAR ?

    2) Authentication : If the above is possible in 1 webapp(.WAR), then what would it take to authenticate and authorize such an app ? Usually I would use a Servlet Filter to Authenticate the app -- however, not sure if there are any gotchas in doing the same with the mixed approach.

    Thanks for any pointers, tutorials, info.


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    Spring MVC is based on Servlet so it is possible that some part of application's MVC is based on Spring and other is on basic JSP-Servlet. If Spring Dispatcher Servlet mapped with /golf/* then all request with that url will handle by spring MVC and other servlets which are your application will handle their own mapped url. so this way both are work together.

    about your 2nd question, Authentication of Spring is based on Filter so it will on top of all servlet(not matter which type of servlet is) so it will work in mixed mode also.