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  • from Java basics to Spring MVC

    In collage I have learned the basics of Java. I worked little in pure JSP. That was about a decade ago.
    Now, I have good experience in MVC in PHP, especially Yii. I want to start learning Spring MVC. But I feel there is a huge gap between java basics and Spring MVC. A lot of new technologies and new jargon.
    I'm open to advises. Where should I start reading? Should I go direct to Spring Source Tool Suite? regards

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    from Java basics to Spring MVC

    when doing switching between two view and one controller in MVC using gwt ..iam using concept deferred binding...but am not able get it to do.. plz help me out ..


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      I got some frustration when I started with Spring MVC, post.

      In the end, if I can make an advice, it's to start directly with STS. Download the Spring reference in PDF, and if you have some money left, the book "Spring in Action Third Edition" is a good start. And don't forget, Maven is your friend.

      If you want to be highly productive, try Spring Roo or switch to Grails with Groovy. ATM, I'm making a Spring MVC webapp without relying on those technologies because I ended up making stuff without really knowing how it worked.


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        I suggest go for docs and Spring MVC sample application. Its more than enough


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          I am doing much the same, there are a number of good tutorials out there, though getting them to run isn't always easy.

 - This is where I started, but you need ant for this, and as you delve deeper into spring, you will find maven far more useful.

 - I found this to be a very good one with a pom.xml that worked!

 - this is also good, but you may end up with a lot of headaches from the supplied pom.xml. Simply use the one from the krams tutorial.

          I would initially avoid Spring Roo as I spent a lot of unproductive time making it work and didn't really get an understanding of what was happening.

          Before you start, I would install

          Java 1.6 SDK (or 1.7 if you are brave)
          STS 2.8.0 (or later)
          MySQL Server 5.5 (or any database you can install locally)
          Apache Maven 3.0.3
          Apache Tomcat 7 - Using Tomcat 7 will force you to change pom.xml on your projects...


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            The book "Spring in Practice" by Willie Wheeler, John Wheeler, and Joshua White is the best way to learn Spring MVC IMHO. Good updated examples that addresses the real stuff most web developers care about. This title is currently being written in Mannings Early Access Program (MEAP) and is worth every cent.

            The MEAP means it's possible to discuss the content with the authors which is a nice concept, but the book is very usable right now. I didn't hesitate.

            The problem with all web material is that much is not Spring 3 oriented, but what of it that is, is a nice complement.
            Spring in Action, which I also own, is good for all of Spring Framework to illustrate some concepts, but I do feel Spring in Practice is more useful as a first book to digest for the web developer. It is after all, a very practical book with real world solutions.