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  • Calling an AbstractWizardFormController from another controller


    I have 2 seperate portlets for my application. One for public, meaning users are not authenticated, and one for protected users, meaning the user is authenticated.

    How can I navigate from the one portlet(SimpleFormController) to the other(AbstractWizardFormController) via a Submit button?


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    To be clear, do you mean portlets as in the portlet specification, or are you just using the Servlet specification?

    Can you post your controllers.

    Quick answer; each controller is usually bound to some url so your SFC would simply return a view which is a redirect to the url backed by the AWFC.


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      Yes, we are using the portlet specification.

      Please give me instructions on how to proceed.


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        Sorry, I know *nothing* about portlets, but maybe the quick answer is still relevant?


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          Sorry for the slow response -- I've been lax in checking the forums:

          Do you really mean navigate from one Portlet to another Portlet, or do you mean from one Controller to another Controller within a given Portlet?

          The former is not possible. A Portlet has a single definition and cannot be replaced dynamically.

          The latter is more likely what you really want to do. This is done in the same way as in regular Spring Web MVC: via a HandlerMapping of some sort. In Web MVC, URLs are most commonly used for the mapping. There's no such thing as URLs at the Portlet level, so we use something else instead -- ususally a parameter.

          Take a look at the 'books' Portlet in the sample application available on the Spring Portlet MVC wiki page:

          In there you will see a number of different Controllers all being mapped to within a single Portlet by using a request parameter.