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  • Integrating Dojo with Spring MVC

    Hi all,

    I'm very new to Spring and to Dojo, but I would like to integrate them and I was wondering what is the best way. I know this seems an already answered question, but I wasn't able to find a satisfying solution over the internet...

    My setup is: Spring3.0.3+SpringSecurity+SpringMVC, and now I would like to integrate Dojo to display nicely some data.

    I don't want to pass through other frameworks (like Web Flow), just to use Dojo.

    I another non-Spring project (I'm working with Eclipse), the Dojo examples works correctly, but in my Spring project it doesn't. The following script:

                alert("Dojo version " + dojo.version + " is loaded");
             	// Require the basic 2d chart resource: Chart2D
    		// Require the theme of our choosing
    		//"Claro", new in Dojo 1.6, will be used
    		alert("Everything fine till here...");
    		// Create the chart within it's "holding" node
    	        var pieChart = new dojox.charting.Chart2D("chartNode");
    		alert("...If you see this message you solved the issue!!");
    The first alert is displayed, telling me my version of Dojo, the second alert is shown, but the third is never shown.

    I'm working with a local installation of Dojo 1.6. Chart2D.js is under the folder dojox/charting, which is at the same level of the dojo folder... In the exported war file both directories are there...

    What am I doing wrong? There is a better way of doing these things?

    Thanks for any advice!!