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  • AbstractWizardFormController with dynamic wizard pages

    I have a wizard (multi step) form. The user's first page determines how many pages the wizard will have and the content of some of the pages. In the first wizard page the user selects a product, and in following pages he needs to define product details. For a product that is a car there will be wizard page with car details (e.g. model, manufacturer), while for another product there may be diffeernt fields, or maybe even more than one product details page.
    I have 2 issues with this problem:
    1. How to programatically control the number of pages. It also affects the scrolling (since the number of pages changes, I would like to have something like _target+1 or target-1 intead of target2)
    2. How to handle the command where only after the first page was input, I can know the command classes for the next wizard pages

    I can do this myself using simple forms, but if there is a way to do it with the AbstractWizardFormController that would be better.

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    I assume the object models are non-changeable at run time (i.e. you cannot introduce a "boat") in which case I would have seperate instances of AWFC per model.

    Would this not work?


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      Need something better

      I have a link in the "home" page for "Create Product". This link is to the first page of the wizard, which asks about the product category. The second page (and on) are defined by category. If cannot have a a seperate AWFC for each product, because I have a single link leading in, and the first page is already part of the wizard.
      An to your question, no, I do not have dynamic product types added.


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        I understand.

        Why not simply move the product selection *out* of the wizard, then you can have an AWFC per product. The product selection simply redirects to the appropriate URL


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          Yes, I could do this, but it's more hassle: I have to save the command of the first screen (which includes the product selection) on the session until the next Wizard completes, need to know when to clear it (on cancel or just exiting the wizard by clicking anoyther like), and what to do when it's not there, all thins that the AW does. I thought there may be a way I could use the AW to save this work, but if not, I will do it by logically chaining forms.
          Thanks for the reply


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            You might also be interested in webflow. It is *very* cool, and is ideal for age flows that AWFC cannot handle.