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  • One controller method slow.

    OK I have struggled with this for several days and my results are so crazy, I simply must seek help.

    So here's the situation, i have spring mvc application generated by roo. I added spring security with a custom authentication provider. I have used this same authentication provider before on another roo app so I am gonna assume that isn't the problem. In any case the app also uses sitemesh and a few other filters that do various things. Here's the rub:

    I have one controller class where ALL of the web methods take MINUTES to be resolved before executing. My methods all have
    System.out.println("Inside method");
    as the first line. From the time I click a link or hit enter on the url in the address bar to the time I see my first line in the controller method is at least 60 seconds but sometimes longer but it never times out.

    I thought the problem was some filter so I started disabling filters one by one with no luck. Then I disabled spring security, still no dice.

    Then I realized the problem is only related to this one constoller so I made a copy of it and changed the URL from /myapp/invoices to /myapp/inv .

    Suddenly all the methods are executed in a reasonable time < 5 seconds. I don't know what it is about this class that is screwy. Anyone have any ideas where to look?

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    did you configure logging at debug level for the framework ?
    I guess not - you probably would use a logger instead of "System.out...."
    Well at least with a debug log you could do some simple profiling and compare both outputs.

    Hope this helps