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  • web service POJO

    I am making a web service to pass POJO from client to Web service. Do I need to write a schema definition file at the web service side(i mean xsd file)
    I am marshalling the java object at the client side and sending it.
    At the web service side, In the end point i am trying to get the messge. I am unable to generate xsd file because the class which I use has references to many other classes. It contains objects of other classes. Is there any way that I can make the web service without using xsd file. I am not using axis.
    If no, can you please suggest me a tool with which I can generate a xsd file

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    If you have a client app that needs to send a request to an external web service, you can generate the JAXB artifacts (or Java objects) using the WSDL of the web service and the wsimport tool.

    For an idea on how to generate the artifacts, see the following guide:

    Once you have the artifacts, you can use Spring WS's WebServiceTemplate to call the web service


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      web service POJO

      This tutorial will take you through the steps required in developing, deploying and testing a Web Service in Apache Geronimo. After completing this tutorial you should be able to understand how to develop simple JAX-WS compliant web services in Apache Geronimo using Eclipse development environment.

      This application has a Java class which contains two functions, one which converts amount in Dollars to Rupees and the other which converts Rupees to Euros. We will expose these two methods as the services provided by our deployed Web Service.

      We will also test the deployed web service by using the Web Services Explorer in Eclipse. To run this tutorial, as a minimum you will be required to have installed the following prerequisite software. * Sun JDK 5.0+ (J2SE 1.5)
      * Apache Geronimo 2.x
      * Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers - Europa release
      * Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in 2.x