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  • Multiple JAXb marshallers

    I have been using one JAXB marshaller and one endpoint adapter, but as I have a lot of separate WSDL's and external schemas with a large number of operations, this is becoming increasingly problematic. The namespace spam at the top of each and every reply due to the jaxb approach with a multiple package context path is massive, in the case of simpler operations the namespace declarations are significantly larger than the rest of the document. Add to this the fact that I am effectively communicating a full list of web services for each and every request any client makes, which is not really desirable.

    On top of this, there are logical groupings WSDL', where I would prefer to have a marshaller for each grouping or even each WSDL.

    I have seen a couple of references on the forum and elsewhere where people have been able to specify multiple marshallers and endpoint adapters, but I have not gotten this to work. The adapter is not explicitly set on any other bean, so there is no way to say for example that these 3 endpoints use this marshaller, and so on. I can specify two adapters each with their own marshaller, but one seems to always be chosen over the other.

    Is there any way to accomplish this?