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  • Logging an incoming message before it is parsed?

    Hi folks, I have a web service with a PayloadLoggingInterceptor. I am sending SOAP messages generated in javascript on the browser. They work fine from firefox but there is an error when I use Internet Explorer:

    2009-06-29 17:11:52,546; DEBUG [http-8888-2] WebServiceMessageReceiverHandlerAdapter: Accepting incoming [ [email protected]] to [http://localhost:8888/mike.test.inte...n/intService/]
    ERROR: 'Content is not allowed in prolog.'
    Jun 29, 2009 5:11:52 PM com.sun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.EnvelopeF actory createEnvelope
    SEVERE: SAAJ0511: Unable to create envelope from given source
    2009-06-29 17:11:52,546; DEBUG [http-8888-2] received: Received request [SaajSoapMessage]
    2009-06-29 17:11:52,546; DEBUG [http-8888-2] SoapMessageDispatcher: Endpoint mapping [ [email protected]] has no mapping for request
    2009-06-29 17:11:52,546; WARN [http-8888-2] EndpointNotFound: No endpoint mapping found for [SaajSoapMessage]
    2009-06-29 17:11:52,546; DEBUG [http-8888-2] MessageDispatcherServlet: Successfully completed request
    It sounds like my message is invalid, perhaps the XML. Actually, I'm pretty sure the Microsoft.XMLDOM object is escaping the quotes it generates from my XML. But I'd like to see this at the server side. Since the message can't be parsed, is there a way to log it before the endpoint?

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    I ended up just creating a basic servlet and redirecting the soap message to it.

    Turns out my problem was that IE was putting in an encoding statement during the XML transforms which didn't match the encoding once the message was POSTed to the server.

    I'd imagine there is a typical solution for updating encoding type at send type?

    I just removed the entire <?xml block for now.