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  • Customise auto-generated WSDL?

    Is it possible to customise an auto-generated WSDL? If so, I'd be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. I'm guessing it might involve either subclassing MessageDispatcherServlet or writing a custom Wsdl11Definition class.

    The required customisation is currently very simple: just want to add the version number of my product as a comment. But in the future I might want to do more advanced stuff like filtering the WSDL based on an 'API version' property.


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    OK, I'm going to assume that Spring-WS provides no straightforward way to achieve this. (Surprising, since other parts of Spring generally provide ample hooks and extension points for customisation.)

    In lieu of this I've implemented a Servlet filter to customise the WSDL response.


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      As far as I could see, you either go with the auto-generated WSDL with maybe a few xsl tweaks possible OR you go with a hard-copy wsdl.

      All depends on how good you are with xsl?


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        Customize the Operation Name

        Is there is any way I can customize the operation name that comes when the WSDL is generated.



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          Guys, sorry to rase this topic again, but anyone has the answer? I'm having the same problem. I documented the problem on the post below

          Hi, I have a situation here that is a little strange because I thought that Spring would handle with no problems this kind of situation. The problem is that I


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            You can customize the WSDL by using a ProviderBasedWsdl4jDefinition and plugging in your custom providers, rather than a DefaultWsdl11Definition. See the api docs of these classes for more information: