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  • Dynamic WSDL Generation and specifying SOAP Headers

    I have developed a web service and configured it to use the DynamicWsdl11Definition class to generate the wsdl. While invoking the web service I require the user credentials to be specified in the SOAP header. I am performing my own authentication and authorization.

    When the wsdl is generated the requirements for the soap header are not specified in the wsdl since there is no place to specify that in the schema file. The client code (running in php) needs the soap header definition to be placed in the wsdl file as well. Is there any way I can use the Dynamic wsdl definition feature and get this ability as well? If thats not possible then I am guessing that I might have to fall back to the SimpleWsdlDefinition or maybe somehow extend the builder class to add the required feature. Anyone else run into this issue.


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    Previous posts indicate this can be accomplished by hand coding changes to XsdBasedSoap11Wsdl4jDefinitionBuilder. If same can be accomplished through configuration it would be a huge plus for the framework.

    Is this feature in the Roadmap?


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      This is something we need in our project also. Having a way to dynamically generate a wsdl with the required headers would be a huge improvement


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        Im also locking for a way to define header elements in WSDL.

        Does anybody knows a way to integrate header information during the WSDL generation?


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          I am in badly need of it. Does anybody found the solution for this

          How to expose the wsdl which includes soapheader elements(to be set) while sending the request to the webservice?

          Thanks in advance.


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            have no solutions been found for this? This could be very useful.


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              I'm also looking for method to add header definition to the generated WSDL. E.g:

              <wsdl:binding name="ServiceSoap11" type="tns:Service">
                  <soap:binding transport="" style="document" />
                  <wsdl:operation name="Operation">
                      <soap:operation soapAction="" />
                           <soap:body parts="request" use="literal"/>
              	     <soap:header message="tns:HeaderMessage" part="SomePart" use="literal"/>
              I don't know how to customize DefaultWsdl11Definition bean for soap:header element in the binding part.

              Any help will be appreciated. I would like to avoid editing WSDL by hand.



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                Does anyone know how to add custom header definition to the generated WSDL?

                Thanks in advance,


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                  Wishs someone addressed this.

                  I really wish someone addressed this. I implemented WS-Security, however there just seems no way to make it show up in the WSDL.