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  • Call for Spring-WS Wiki

    I have something for the ye olde suggestion box -- we could really use a Spring-WS wiki. While the reference documentation is great, and the product (Spring-WS) is great, there are so many third party combinations and gotchas lurking in the shadows, that we really need a way to easily document them for the community. A lot of the rest of Spring have many many books and usage, so it's easy to find answers to your problems on the core container. As Spring-WS is a 1.x release, things are still evolving a little, and the knowledge base exists only in the reference documentation and the forums, but not widescale across the web, or in numerous books.

    One example is poor Java 1.5 users who stumble across Spring-WS for the first time, and discover that none of the examples work (the class not found on SOAPException) and need to update their pom.xml, or the NAMESPACE_ERR because you have a version of xalan prior to 2.7.0, or any number of the other threads burried in the forums about people that have run into little configuration headaches.

    It would also be nice to document the "threads of dependency" of which jars you have to pull in when you take a given route in Spring-WS. For example, if you go the route of JDom endpoints, then you're going to need not only xerces, and xalan, but apparently the stax jar as well.

    I for one, would be extremely happy to start documenting the things I find on a wiki.

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    Ok, I found the Spring wiki (last link under -> Documentation:

    However, there is no space setup for Spring Web Services.

    Can people freely edit the wiki to create one, or do we need an administrator to set one up?