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  • On bug fixes, new features and the road map


    Now that the date set for 1.5.1 (2 May 2008) is imminent, and the road map for 1.5.1 is becoming larger instead of smaller, I am getting a bit concerned that bug fixes are strangling the advent of new features.

    A couple of popular issues (mainly SWS-287 and SWS-157) have been postponed several times now, despite the fact that patches were provided for them. It would be nice to see them included in 1.5.1 and not postponed again.

    Note: another of my personal favorites for inclusion in an upcoming release would be SWS-302. Any other suggestions are welcome.

    Many thanks & kind regards,


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    With 1.5.1, my main focus is to solve all outstanding bugs. There were a couple in 1.5.0, and I plan to fix those in 1.5.1.

    Now that most bugs are solved, I can start looking at improvements, such as SWS-287. Note, however, that it's not as simple as to apply a patch, and be done with it. I have to make sure that the end result is something that works for all people, not just the person who submitted the patch. Also, I have to feel comfortable supporting that code, because that's my job.

    To be clear: not that I don't appreciate patches; I love them . Keep them coming! It's just that it takes time to look at them.


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      Just to give an example as to why is not as simple as it looks: the patch submitted for SWS-208 only works for Castor 1.2, not for version 1.1. So there are four options:
      • Keep things as they are, only supporting Castor 1.1
      • Change the CastorMarshaller as per the patch, thus forcing everybody to upgrade to 1.2
      • Create a separate Castor12Marshaller for 1.2, and leave the CastorMarshaller for 1.1
      • Do some nasty reflective checks to detect 1.1 vs. 1.2, and use the appropriate API

      I'm currently leaning towards the last options, because that has the least impact for existing users.