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  • Spring-ws 1.5 and osgi

    Big time nube here, thanks for your patients....

    I created a spring-ws project, and installed it into equinox, and started it.

    When i do 'ss', the output looks like:

    id State Bundle
    0 ACTIVE system.bundle_3.2.2.R32x_v20070118
    15 ACTIVE org.springframework.bundle.osgi.extender_1.1.0.m1
    19 ACTIVE org.springframework.bundle.spring.beans_2.5.2
    20 ACTIVE org.springframework.bundle.spring.context_2.5.2
    21 ACTIVE org.springframework.bundle.spring.core_2.5.2
    22 ACTIVE org.springframework.bundle.osgi.core_1.1.0.m1
    23 ACTIVE org.springframework.bundle.spring.aop_2.5.2
    28 ACTIVE org.apache.servicemix.bundles.aopalliance-1.0_1.0.0.m2
    29 ACTIVE org.springframework.bundle.osgi.io_1.1.0.m1
    39 ACTIVE org.springframework.osgi.asm.osgi_2.2.3.SNAPSHOT
    41 ACTIVE org.springframework.osgi.catalina.osgi_5.5.23.SNAP SHOT
    42 ACTIVE org.springframework.osgi.backport-util-concurrent.osgi_3.1.0.SNAPSHOT
    45 ACTIVE org.springframework.osgi.junit.osgi_3.8.2.SNAPSHOT
    49 ACTIVE slf4j.api_1.4.3
    50 ACTIVE slf4j.log4j12_1.4.3
    51 ACTIVE org.springframework.osgi.log4j.osgi_1.2.15.SNAPSHO T
    52 ACTIVE org.springframework.bundle.spring.context.support_ 2.5.2
    53 ACTIVE jcl104.over.slf4j_1.4.3
    55 ACTIVE org.springframework.osgi.servlet-api.osgi_2.5.0.SNAPSHOT
    60 ACTIVE org.springframework.osgi.aopalliance.osgi_1.0.0.SN APSHOT
    101 ACTIVE file:///F:\pv\pf\svc\target\svc.war [101]

    Where 101 is this new project. My question is, is it ok that the spring-ws project has a different format than the others? Does it mean that something installed wrong?